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Are You Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra?

Then you are not alone. According to studies carried out by the world leading breast scientists from Portsmouth University, 70 % of us are- and the consequences of doing so might be more severe than you are aware of.

Irreversible breast sag, breast pain, lower performance and embarrassment are some of the side effects of wearing the wrong sports bra.

- As a brand for girls, by girls, we take this seriously, says head of marketing Sissel Himle.

After two years of carefully studying women’s needs, in collaboration with the scientists at Portsmouth University, Kari Traa has development seven new specialized sports bras to cover the different needs of women.

No Natural Support

According to breast scientist, Dr. Joanna Scurr, our breasts are not naturally supported during activity. The breast itself doesn't contain any muscles, and the only two supporting structures are the skin and the Cooper’s ligaments. Both of those structures are quite weak mechanically so they're not able to hold the breast in place firmly.

- We've seen independent breast movement of up to 21 centimetres, which is a significant amount of movement. On average, you're looking at about 15 centimetres of independent movement when the average breast sized woman exercises, says Scurr.

Half of us experience breast pain

On average a breast weigh about half a kilogram. This means that you got one kilo of mass moving quite considerably. According Scurr´s studies, about half of us experience breast pain during our menstruation. Which is thought to be related to hormonal changes in the breast. 15 % of the population in the UK also experience constant breast pain, which is nothing to do with the movement of the breast, they're just in constant pain.

- When you on top of that are trying to get women to exercise, and 70 % of us are wearing the wrong support; then you're almost getting a double effect of movement-related breast pain.

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"As a brand for girls, by girls, we take this seriously"

Sissel Himle, head of marketing Kari Traa

Cause Irreversibel Breast Sag

The breast pain side of things is a really important negative consequence linked to that independent movement of the breast, but another unpleasant fact is that lack of support can cause irreversible breast sag.

- With the breast weighing about half a kilogram, if we keep stretching and stretching those weak supporting structures, eventually they don't return to their original position and the breast sags, Scurr explains.

The same thing goes for your skin, she adds. If we stretch it beyond about 80% of its original length, it doesn't return to its original length and we see damage occurring to the skin.

- We know that the only way of preventing breast pain and irreversible breast sag, caused by movement, is to get the right breast support.

Want to Empower Girls

Knowing this, Himle explains that the main missions for Kari Traa´s sports bra project is to educate and empower girls to feel comfortable enough to pursue an active lifestyle, without any restrictions.

- We have developed six different sports bras, each with different abilities to hopefully cover each person’s individual needs.

The sports bras are named after the Norse goddesses who each possess different super powers that fit to each sports bra.

- We hope that girls all over the world can get inspired to bring out theirs - and to feel liberated.

Breast Size Changes Throughout Your Life

Himle adds that it is important to be aware of the fact that no sports bra fits all.

- A bra that suits your friend perfectly, won’t necessarily fit you.

Another important factor to be aware of is the fact that your breast size changes throughout your life.

- Menstruation, pregnancy, weight loss- or gain, ageing – these are all processes that can change your size. Which is why you should be open to trying on different sized and not stick to one your whole life, Scurr stresses.

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