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Every action has an impact on the environment. Here at Kari Traa, we’re determined to leave a lighter footprint with each new step we take. From responsibly sourcing the fibers to our products to reducing our greenhouse gasses emissions, we’re taking responsibility to work towards making our impact a positive one. Join us on a journey as we find ever smarter and more sustainable ways to continue creating the garments you love.


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Raw materials are the building blocks of our products. Some, however, better than others. We put a lot of effort into picking materials that check off multiple boxes - where they come from, how they perform, and how they impact planet and people.  



We're taking action to protect this planet we love so much, ensuring we can continue to enjoy it and that future generations are not denied that same pleasure. 


Animal Welfare

At Kari Traa, we do things differently. We care about animals, so when we do use animal-based materials, we make sure to source them from producers who can raise them with the greatest degree of kindness and respect. 



We believe in a better way, where quality meets responsibility. By choosing sustainability over shortcuts, we aim to make a positive impact at every step of the production process.


Why materials matter

Our pledge to the planet 

Animal welfare: from fiber to finish 

Cutting back on chemicals

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