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For Her. By Her.

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For Her. By Her.

Confident. Unapologetic. No matter where the adventure takes you.

As a fearless mogul skier with three Olympic medals to her name, our founder Kari Traa has made way for women to push their limits and follow their dreams. From the very beginning, her free spirit and bold personality was manifested in her collections of playful and feminine sportswear. Because Kari Traa believes women know themselves best, a new way of making and communicating sportswear began: For


. By



Today, we have an all-women team to put forward this legacy. Our brand is run by 22 women who truly care about creating comfortable, functional and great-looking athletic wear, tailormade for women’s needs. From design to production to communication, you will find bold women passionate about pushing for progress, because when we say For Her. By Her. we mean it. We are all committed to working together to show the strength, weakness, rawness, and diversity that make us, us. Welcome to our club, we are so happy you’re here.

At Kari Traa we're committed to empowering women everywhere to live life on their own terms. Get to know the women behind Kari Traa:

Hi I’m Kari, three-time Olympic medalist, and founder of Kari Traa. I grew up in Voss, Norway, where I was born with skis on my feet. I took to the bumpy trails and ultimately became an Olympic champion mogul skier in 2002. When sponsors finally came on the scene with clothing for athletes, they were only designed for the men's team, so I decided to crochet and knit my own beanies during training and competitions. The beanies became so popular with friends and fellow skiers that I decided to turn the hobby into a business. And so, the Kari Traa brand was born.

Inspiring other women to dare to follow their dreams has always been a great motivator for me, and I am always focused on the goal of equalizing gender and power imbalances in sports and society at large.

"There´s a lot of hard work that goes into making the best gear for women. That’s why we need to play even harder."

Kari Traa


Kari’s favorites

There's no secret that Kari loves to ski, and for her, the most important thing about ski gear is that you can move freely, protected against the cold and snow. And hey - it doesn't hurt that they look good, right?

Hi I’m Georgina, a Brit living in Norway, which is pretty darn fun. This country is packed full of outdoor adventures and beautiful things to see and experience. I moved here with my family (2 badass girls, a husband, and a dog) last year to work as the GM for Kari Traa, my dream job. I’m surrounded by motivated, inspiring women who share my passion for the outdoors and have a zest for life that Kari herself embodies and has brought into this fabulous brand.

I live for the outdoors, and we have been lucky to live in New Zealand and the French Alps before moving to Oslo. My latest favorite activity is gravel biking, and we’re learning to sail and cross-country ski. Norway is incredible for all.

“At Kari Traa, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can better support our fellow outdoorsy women.”

Georgina Kirby


Georgina’s favorites

Georgina loves all things outdoors - biking or running to work through the woods every day. She likes versatile gear with stretch that keeps her warm and comfortable in all weather conditions.

Hi I’m Therese, a married, mum of two living in Oslo, Norway working for the Kari Traa brand. Although I moved to the city, I am a small-town girl at heart who grew up playing around the mountains and fjords. I love to spend time outside hiking, running, walking, and just hanging out.

“Who better than women to understand what women really need”

Therese Talgø


Therese’s favorites

Therese loves the Norwegian


and its rugged terrains. She looks for products that are practical, long-lasting, and engineered for outdoor comfort.

Hi I’m Katie, representing the Kari Traa brand from my home in Traverse City, MI. I love activities that take my mind out of the noise of everyday life and demand all of my focus and attention. I was never any good at silent meditation, but I find that when I am on a trail sweating, and avoiding crashing, all I can do is focus on steadying my breathing and being 100% present in the moment.

When I became a mother, I realized that I would need to manage expectations of what my “trail days” would look like. Trail runs became the slowest.hikes.ever. with 100 questions about mushrooms/leaves/rocks, mountain bike days riding chairlifts became slow rollers and berms with my son on the Shotgun seat, and my on-hill snow days sometimes never made it past the parking lot. But to experience the sports I love through the eyes of a 4 year old have been the ones that have left the biggest smile on my face (and also make me appreciate the solo laps I get to take more than ever).

“I have a passion for delivering the best product to women and making them feel awesome in everything they do.”

Katie Branaum


Katie’s favorites

You can usually find Katie sweating on her mountain bike. That's why she loves products that wick away sweat, keep you cool, and feel amazing against your skin!

Hi I’m Karoline and I am from Voss, Norway where the Kari Traa brand was born. From ages 12 to 14, I worked at the Kari Traa warehouse and for the brand shop in Norway. I took a short break to live abroad, but seven years later I moved to Oslo, Norway to work at Kari Traa’s headquarters, where I’ve held various roles since.

Being from Voss, I have always spent my time in the mountains, either walking, hiking, sheep herding, skiing, snowboarding or simply just playing! I have participated in sports my entire life and being active is a big part of what makes me, me.

"I´ve always been inspired by women who are true to themselves, stand up for what's wrong and fight for what's right"

Karoline Hegbom


Karoline’s favorites

Karoline loves snowboarding, skiing, and always end up at the afterski party afterwards! She recommends these products that gives you all day comfort, perform even better and look great at the afterski party

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About Kari Traa

Kari Traa is not just a three-time Olympic medalist, but also the founder of Europe's fastest-growing women's sports brand. Her inspiring story started in the mountainous village of Voss, Norway, where she was born with skis on her feet. Her overpowering talent for particularly bumpy trails led her to become an Olympic champion mogul skier in 2002. 

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About us

Kari Traa is not just a women's sports brand founded by a three-time Olympic medalist, it's a community that celebrates femininity, encourages each other, and is obsessed with the outdoors. We believe in empowering women to tackle any challenge with confidence through quality materials and thoughtful designs. With our bold colors, playful designs, and Norwegian heritage, are we the badass friend that lifts everyone around her.  

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