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Your Best Supporter

After two years of carefully studying women’s needs, in collaboration with the scientists at Portsmouth University, Kari Traa has development seven specialized sports bras to cover the different needs of women.

The sports bras are named after the Norse goddesses who each possess different super powers that align with each bras strength.

We hope you will be inspired to bring out yours - and feel liberated in them!

Girl wearing Kari Traa bra


The queen of all goddesses. A high support sports bra with moulded cups that separates the breasts and supports both below and above - to block movement.



Driva is the Daughter of snow. She protects you from the cold with a comforting layer of 100% merino wool.



The goddess of love! Fully moulded cups for high support and perfect shape, in combination with soft inside fabrics and graceful design – what’s not to love?


Liv means life, but also protection. And this high support sports bra will protect your bust with a combination of compression, encapsulation and low stretch material.


The goddess of strength, which is essential in all sports. We have created this wonderful all-rounder that allows you to focus on pushing harder.



Seamless design, a wide rib band below the bust and fabrics that keep you dry, makes Ness feel like a soft embrace! Which may be exactly what you need to go the extra mile.



The goddess of wisdom. This light and soft sports bra takes care of you in your meditative activities. The fabric ventilates sweat and keeps you dry and comfortable.