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Technical or Wool Baselayers? How to Choose the Right One for Your Use.

The fall season equals baselayer season at Kari Traa, and this year’s collection is bigger and more varied than ever. With so many options, we know that choosing the right one for your next hike or ski trip can be tough, especially since there’s no single “baselayer rule” that says it all. However, despite all of our different preferences and needs, we’re going to try to make you a little wiser, so you can choose the baselayer that is best for you.

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In addition to being a sustainable, natural material, wool has plenty of benefits. It regulates body temperature, so you stay cool on hot days – and warm on cold ones. One reason to love wool when hiking is that it also keeps you warm even when it gets moist. In other words, if there is a chance of rain – or you sweating – wool is your best bet because it absorbs moisture better and still insulates well when damp. Wool baselayers are also perfect for longer outdoor activities and cabin trips because they’re self-cleaning. Just hang the baselayer outside and it will clean itself. Really, we’re not kidding! To top it off, wool also has unique breathing properties, so that you avoid feeling clammy when active.

Conclusion:If you are going on longer journeys with unstable weather, you should choose a wool baselayer.

Selected Wool Styles

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Technical baselayers are usually made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or elastane. However, at Kari Traa, we’ve also made a natural version from Modal, which is organically developed from beech trees. The top benefits of technical baselayers are that they quickly transport sweat away from your body, are super durable and also feel really comfortable when working out. The downside is that standing still or sweating a lot without a shower nearby may result in you getting cold easier, since technical baselayers don’t keep their warmth quite as well as wool.

Conclusion: If you´re going to work out, sweat a lot and have a shower waiting for you afterwards, a technical baselayer is your best choice.

Selected Technical Styles

Girl wearing wool stitching - Kari Traa Girl wearing wool stitching - Kari Traa

The best of both worlds?

Kari Traa has developed several different baselayers that combine wool with synthetic fabric or Modal. The combination of the quick-drying properties of the technical material and the breathable and insulating properties of the wool, gives you the best of both worlds during high intensity activities in the cold. By adding the Modal or synthetics to the wool, you also get a baselayer that is more durable and will hold its shape longer.

Conclusion: If high intensity exercising in cold weather is in your future, go for a baselayer with a wool blend.

Selected Blended Styles