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julie bergan | kari traa


Kari Traa enters partnership with pop artist Julie Bergan

“I have always been very inspired by Kari Traa, both the woman and the brand. I think it is awesome that it is a brand made by and for girls. Kari Traa has a good message that I identify with, and I have always loved the clothes. Therefore, I had to jump at this great opportunity when it came,”

Kari Traa Marketing Manager, Sissel Himle, explains that the collaboration was a natural one.

"We have been following Julie and cheering on her career for a long time. She is a hard worker that inspires and exudes a wonderful, positive energy. Also, it was not hard to see that she was a KT fan based on her Insta-feed where, on several occasions, she has shared the KT outfits that she has bought.”

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"I wear mostly sportswear and love athleisure style, so this season's collection is a perfect match for me,"

Julie Bergan


This is not the first time Kari Traa and Julie Bergan have collaborated.

During the Ekstremsportveko festival in 2017, Bergan performed in a full KT outfit.“My baggage disappeared at the airport, so the Kari Traa girls in Voss came to the rescue with a very cool outfit that I could use,” says Julie.


Now, they have made a film and done a photo shoot together, with several more projects planned for the future.

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