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REPREVE | Kari Traa

Lack of waste systems

Eighty percent of the plastic that ends up in the ocean comes from land and poses a major threat to wildlife. And unfortunately, it’s because certain countries do not have the waste systems needed to manage the abundance of plastic used. More than a third of the world's plastic waste does not end up in a collection system, and only nine percent of the world's plastic waste is recycled. REPREVE® collects plastic from these high-risk areas, and then recycles those plastics into fibers to make fabric.

Unique technology

Skeptical? You don't have to be. All so-called "technical fabric", such as polyester, is made of some form of plastic. The difference is that most of the sportswear is made of "virgin plastic"; that is, plastic that is made of oil. Repreve, on the other hand, is unique technology that recycles already existing plastics for cloth fiber, providing exactly the same foundation for us to create premium sportswear – without having to burden the environment by consuming new oil.  

REPREVE | Kari Traa REPREVE | Kari Traa

 PREMIUM SKIWEAR: Voss skiwear protects you in all weathers; with its wind and water repellent technology and strategically developed sections for aeration.

Insulation Developed for the Army

Voss skiwear is water and wind-repellent, with heat-insulating liners and mesh sections for good aeration. And of course, like all other clothes in Kari Traa, it is tailor-made for the women's body with plenty of space for hips and bust. The high-waisted trousers come with stylish harnesses that keep everything in place and make your fit on point. The jacket is form-flattering, without being too snug. The back features a "dropped hem" for both style and snow protection.

The lining of the Voss skiwear is made of recycled plastic from
PrimaLoft. PrimaLoft was originally developed for the U.S. Army, which was looking for a synthetic alternative to goose down. PrimaLoft is lightweight, insulates heat and is more durable than Down insulation. In addition, unlike Down, PrimaLoft is quick-drying and better suited to snow conditions.

REPREVE | kari traa

One thing to note… the harnesses and zippers on the Voss skiwear collection are not made of recycled plastics. This is simply because there haven't been any options that are durable enough on the market yet. We will follow developments closely, and will update the collection as soon as this is available.

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