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Butterfly | kari traa

Butterfly is back!

Many of you have missed it, some of you have begged for it for years, and we have silently fought to get it back. Now, Butterfly is finally here!

The technical underwear that since 2005 has been loved by women from sorts of sports. Not only for its superb technical qualities, but perhaps most of all for its flattering shape.

Butterfly is back| kari traa

Flattering fit: Butterfly gives shape and keeps "things" in place, because we know you perform better when you feel confident and free. The pictures show Butterfly from 2013.

This type of sportswear is often associated with a super snug Spandex feeling, but our Butterfly actually gives shape, keeps "things" in place, and highlights the best sides of the female body. The construction of the Butterfly is not accidental. It is, after all, designed by girls, for girls. And we know you perform better when you feel confident and free.

Butterfly| kari traa Butterfly | kari traa

From 2005: Butterfly was first launched in 2005, under the name Curly. Here from the winter campaign with Kari herself in 2012.

Next to Naked

It is precisely the freedom and femininity that this technical underwear gives, which was given its name after the butterfly. We want you to feel just as great, and fly just as freely, when you put on your Butterfly baselayer. To achieve this, we have designed it in a 4-way stretch fabric that follows each motion and gives you full freedom of movement. The seamless, soft quality settles as an extra layer over the skin and almost gives a feeling of being naked. The edges are sealed with silicone so everything stays in place – regardless of movement.

Butterfly| kari traa Butterfly| kari traa

Freedom of movement: When you want something that gives full freedom of movement and stays in place , Butterfly is the perfect garment. Here shown on model Gitte Lill in 2012.

Suitable for all type of activities

Butterfly is perfect for flexible activities, such as yoga, dancing and Pilates. When you want something that gives full freedom of movement, stays in place and doesn’t have you pulling all the time. Our "Team Butterfly" also love to use it for skydiving and wind tunnel flying. Butterfly is also ideal for high-intensity training, where you sweat a lot and need something that dries quickly, breathes well, and keeps you comfortable throughout the session.

Colors that give energy and inspire to activity

Like the actual butterfly, our Butterfly baselayer also come in beautiful colors. Colors that spark energy and inspire to activity. Mix and match soft colors with bright neon – and we promise you will feel the butterfly effect!

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