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tonje garvik | kari traa


Tonje Frøystad Garvik

I am Kari Traa ambassador because:
The colors make me happy and I love the brands values. The dare to play attitude is very important to me personally, and I love the fact that when we are shooting we get candy, pizza and burgers. Its anything but a regular sports brand; it has that extra edge, «Just do it» got nothing on «Dare to Play».

It’s a brand that represents the ordinary happy, sporty, playful girl that can enjoy a burger and chocolate after a good workout. KT fits my lifestyle and values perfectly, and I feel very flattered and humble that they chose me as one of their girls to represent their values in my everyday life. Especially given the fact the organization has known me for so many years.

My favorite piece from the new collection is:

I really love the Louise tights, Myrblå shirts, the Svala shirts and the Kristina line. I wear one of those pieces at least every day!.

I have a passion for:

Having fun doing things that makes me feel good: Being around good friends on a sunny day enjoying life, running in the rain, skiing in the cold, and the adrenaline my job gives me with being professional when required.

… and I work out because:

It’s a release of energy and a gain of energy at the same time. I just love the feeling it gives me. Working out is relaxing to me, everything from solving world problems in your head to just really enjoying good music. It can be social and it can be done alone, everything depending on what you feel like doing that day.

How I dare to play:

I always like to challenge myself in every aspect of my life, anything outside of my comfort zone. But please don’t make me dance a synchronic dance, except the Macarena!

My favorite KT-hashtag and what it means to me:

#DareToPlay. I love the saying, because I identify with it. Basically it fits most of my Instagram posts and everyday life. Have fun, relax, play hard, work hard!