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Kari Traa - Skydiving - Stil Baselayer

Three Super Women Who Inspire us


You find them jumping from airplanes, death diving from 10 meter heights, longboarding or swimming in ice cold water. Where do they find the courage and what’s their motivation? We had a chat with three women, who inspired our new technical baselayer Stil - which they’ve all tested for us.
Meet Kari Traa

Name: Kari Traa
City: Voss
Passion: Skydiving

Why did you start skydiving?

I was born and raised in Voss, where there’ve been skydivers in the air for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved being high above the ground and up in the air -whether it was through freestyle skiing, riding rope swings with spectacular views, climbing high up in a tree or building my own hangglider. I have always found ways to enjoy heights, which is why it was natural for me to start skydiving.

What kind of mindset do you have before you jump?

Safety comes first; I always control my gear and check that everything is in perfect order before I enter the plane. On board, I check the equipment one last time before I head out in the air. I mostly jump with other teammates, so I also spend time going through the formations that we’ve planned to perform in the air. When all of the practical routines are done, I just enjoy the jump. If everything doesn’t go as planned, you can just try again!

Kari Traa - Skydiving - Stil Baselayer

Do you use this mind set in other parts of your life?

To be present in the moment, enjoy and never giving up are definitely things I try to focus on in my overall life too. Enjoying that I am healthy and that my body works, being present when I’m with family and friends, and never giving up when life is challenging. Going through difficult times is necessary in order to feel a sense of achievement and happiness. We have to risk taking chances and making mistakes to grow.

Can you practice courage?

Everything in life can be taught! Having a real passion for something will of course make it easier - so, find something you like and try it. As you start practicing something and become good at it, courage will follow.

rose pattern rose baselayer

"We have to risk taking chances and making mistakes to grow. "

Kari Traa

What is your advice for girls who want to become more fearless in life in general, or who want to try out a new activity?

I think the most important thing is to not be afraid of making a fool out of yourself. Keep in mind that everyone has started at the bottom, and that most sport communities love getting new likeminded friends!

What’s your super power?

That I am fearless and not afraid of making mistakes

After having tested Stil baselayer, what did you think about it and what will you wear if for?

Skiing, cycling, SUP and so on. When 20-year-old skydivers flirt with a 46-year-old woman walking around in the jumping field, that tells me this baselayer definitely has style - which is what stil means in Norwegian by the way, style!