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Hildur Karlsson

I am Kari Traa ambassador because:
I love the brand and what it stands for! It feels really cool to be a part of the Kari Traa-family and at the same time try to inspire more girls to chase their goals.

My favorite piece from the new collection is:

The rose baselayer collection and the Ida jacket.

I have a passion for:

Skiing and the «mountain life» in general. I have trained plenty of hours through my years as an alpine skier and today it is something I can't live without. Other than that I am a big pasta lover and have a thing for fashion

... and I work out because:

There is nothing that can beat the feeling after a great workout. It brings me energy and makes me happy as much as confident! A big plus is that it allows me to eat even more pasta ;-)

How I dare to play:

By believing in myself!

My favorite KT-hashtag and what it means to me:

#daretoplay, for me it means chasing your goals and dreams