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Want to Become a Kari Traa Brand Ambassador?

We are always looking for modest KT-girls who wish to join us in our mission of challenging the established – and to inspire girls to a happier, healthier and stronger lifestyle. Whether you seek support for your sport, project, adventure or simply want to spread our products and spirit, we want to hear from you.
We are fortunate enough to receive a great deal of applications from girls all over the world every day, and even though we wish we could support each and every one of you, we can’t. So, please have a look at our requirements and see if you can fulfil them before you apply.

- You share our values and want to join in on our mission of challenging the established.
- You love our sportswear and want to spread it to the world.
- You have a positive, inspirational voice and a modest personality.
- You manage to create engaging content (video and photos) of high quality.
- You are active on social media and have over 5000 female followers that you speak to on a daily basis.
- You are willing to post a minimum of 1 post with KT-clothing every 2nd week.
- You engage in the content we spread on social media through comments, likes and shares.
- You have a public account on SoMe (private will not be accepted).

Want to Become a Kari Traa Brand Ambassador?


Give us a short presentation of you and your sport/passion/interest

Your motivation to work with us and what you want out of it

Description of style/type of content you want to produce for us

Links to all active social media profiles