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Kari Traa Launches Footwear

For the very first time, Kari Traa is launching their own shoe collection of sneakers, with seven different pairs, made exclusively for women.

Our fans have been wishing for this for a long time now, so we´re really excited to finally present the result, says Head of Marketing Sissel Himle.

The collection consists of two different models; «Fres» and «Fus». They come in black and white, but also in more playful colours that matches Kari Traa´s fall line. We believe they will add a cool and fresh look to the popular sneakers trend dominating fashion these days.

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Fastest Growing Sports Brand for Women

The shoe launch is coming at a good time for the brand, that now is Europe’s fastest growing sports brand for women.

From primarily being a baselayer brand for women, Kari Traa has continuously developed broader collections for each season: Today designing clothing for training, skiing, outdoor - and this spring also launching their own line of more fashion oriented street wear.

The Kari Traa-girl has been barefoot for 16 years now, by adding shoes this fall we get to offer a complete look from head to toe, says Himle.


For Girls, By Girls

The competition is big in the sneakers-marked, but Kari Traa believe they add something unique with their new sneakers line. Because we are a brand for girls, by girls, all decisions made in the process are taken on behalf of girls` needs and preferences only.

Where many sports brands traditionally have been focusing on the man, before «shrinking and pinking it» for women, Kari Traa focuses on women from beginning to end.

The female foot differs from the mans, which require a different focus on every level from design to production. Their mission is all about creating footwear that is comfortable enough to support girls in their hectic and active lifestyles.


Steals the show with Mona Berntsen

We believe the right footwear can liberate women to do whatever they want, whenever they want it. And let them «run the show» in their own lives, which is also the theme for our shoe marketing campaign.

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The former «So You Think You Can Dance» winner, Mona Berntsen, recently returned to Norway after having toured with pop artist Justin Bieber.
In the campaign video, she´s dancing through the footwear collection, beaming with confidence.

The campaign «Run the Show» is about inspiring women to take their place and run the show in their own lives, without being worried of how they are perceived by society. Berntsen, who sacrificed everything for an unstable dance career in LA on her own, is a great example of this.

It´s super important for us to have modest and healthy role models for our Kari Traa-girls. We hope they will feel as courageous and confident when they stroll down the streets in our shoes, as Berntsen is on the dance floor.