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Our New Packaging | kari traa

About us

Our New Packaging

In 2019, we took Green Points Plastic Pledge which committed us to reduce our overall consumption of plastic. The process of investigating ways to reduce the amount of plastic in our designs and packaging started long before however, and have led to a new and more sustainable packaging solution.

This is what we´ve done:

Our new packaging has changed from plastic to cardboard. Even though cardboard uses more resources in production, we believe this material is easier and more commonly recycled in all our markets. Our packaging redesign also means a reduction in the size of our boxes – which limits use of resources as much as possible, from materials to shipping.

Reduction of plastic - Kari Traa

Here are some results of this change:

1. Apart from the hook on our baselayer box, we’re now proud to say that our packag- ing is plastic free. On all other packaging we’ve made cardboard hooks, but we couldn’t find cardboard resilient enough to hold the weight of our baselayer boxes. The baselayer hook is therefore made from PP (Polypropylen plastic) which is easy to remove and recy- clable. In total, this means we ́ve reduced our plastic waste by 97% - equivalent to 127 tons. That’s the weight of 18 elephants!

2. We’ve made our new baselayer boxes easy for you to recycle. They’re made of FSC-certified cardboard that is free from that oh-so-common plastic lamination that keeps other boxes from being recycled. Without the plastic lamination, the boxes will be less durable, but we’ve stress tested them and concluded that they can handle shipping and the afterlife in store.

3. We’ve reduced the size of our baselayer box by -18,2%, which increases our ship- ping efficiency from Asia to Europe by 37%. This means we can shop more baselayer at once, which reduces our carbon emissions and the amount of packaging materials used. Win-win, world!

increased shipping efficiency from Asia - Kari Traa

FSC mix – means that the wood within our cardboard comes from FSC-certified responsibly managed forests, recycled material and/or controlled wood. FSC’s (Forest Steward- ship Council) mission is to secure that woodcraft is carried out in a controlled way that maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes for all future.


Material change from Polypropylen Plastic (PP) to FSC mix Cardboard. So what?

• Reduction of plastic by 124 ton.

Reduction of plastic on baselayer packaging - Kari Traa

Sports bras

Our sports bra hangers will be replaced by cardboard hangers. So, what?

• 70 000 pieces in 2018 = reduction of plastic by 1,6 ton


The plastic hook on our sock folds is replaced by cardboard. So what?

• 780 000 pieces in 2018 = reduction of plastic by 0,3 ton/br>

Reduction of plastic on socks and sports bras packaging - Kari Traa

Sustainability is about cooperation, which is why we welcome any feedback or tips you might have regarding this. Feel free to reach out to us by email: anytime!