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Base layers & thermals for women

Explore our range of base layers and thermals for women from Kari Traa. Our collection of base layers and thermals is crafted with comfort, style, and performance in mind, perfect for working out and outdoor activity. Whether you prefer base layers in 100% merino wool or technical thermals for high-intensity training, we got you covered.

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32 of 130 products


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Viewing 32 of 130 products

Base Layers & Thermals from Kari Traa

Kari Traa, the Norwegian brand famous for its base layers, offers an outstanding variety of layers and thermals designed specifically for women. So, what's the difference between base layers and thermals? Thermals are usually made from technical materials like polyester, known for their lightweight, quick-drying nature, and effective moisture-wicking abilities. This makes them perfect for intense activities where sweating is common. On the other hand, base layers are crafted from natural merino wool, celebrated for its excellent insulation and natural antibacterial properties. Wool also excels in regulating body temperature, ensuring warmth during outdoor adventures. With our wide range of thermal and base layer options, including 100% merino wool and wool blends, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and preferences.