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Travel 06.22.19


Forget Camping, Go Glamping! Travel locally and keep warm in Kari Traa base layer.

Ambassadors 06.21.19

“We don't have to fit within a box to love who we want”

Tonje Frøystad Garvik and Lene Sleperud took Norway by storm when they won the Norwegian reality TV program “Farmen” in 2018. Not only did they receive attention for the victory, but also for their relationship with each other.

Recipes 05.06.19

Summer Smoothie Bowl – easy, healthy recipe!

Just like ice cream for breakfast, but healthy. This smoothie bowl is full of vitamins and great summer tastes.

Recipes 05.06.19


These creamy strawberry yogurt popsicles are simple healthy treats that will keep you cool all summer long!

Trend Guide 05.10.19

Shop for $150 and get a free bag!

The perfect bag for work outs and weekend trips can now be yours, completely free! Shop for €150 and the bag will automatically be added to your shopping cart. Read more here!

Training 05.08.19

Squash stress and gain inner peace through Yoga

Model, adventurer and KT ambassador Maiken Wahlstrøm Nilssen has been completely burned-out several times in her 28-year life. Now, she wants to inspire others who may still be skeptical to learn the art of finding inner peace and security in their hectic everyday lives.

Ambassadors 04.08.19

Sabina Särkkä

I really like the brand and its positive energy, and I love the clothes. Kari Traa is always with me on my snowboard trips, and I wear it for all my outdoor activities.

Training 04.23.19

10 Quickies With Professional Trainer and Influencer Stine Hartmann

Outdoor- and workout enthusiast Stina Hartmann from Norway, is one of the most bubbly and positive women out there. We met her for a quick lunch, Stine dressed in full workout apparal as always on the go, to let you girls get to know her.

Trend Guide 03.19.19

5 Reasons to wear merino wool

To all of the potential skeptics out there, and to those who just want to know more about wool, here are five reasons why Norwegians have such a sentimental and loving relationship with the fur of a sheep.