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Training 01.24.20

Are You Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra?

According to studies carried out by the world leading breast scientists from Portsmouth University, 70 % of us are- and the consequences of doing so might be more severe than you are aware of.

Training 01.24.20

10 Quickies With Professional Trainer and Influencer Stine Hartmann

Outdoor- and workout enthusiast Stina Hartmann from Norway, is one of the most bubbly and positive women out there. We met her for a quick lunch, Stine dressed in full workout apparal as always on the go, to let you girls get to know her.

Trend Guide 01.24.20

Technical or Wool Baselayers?

Technical or Wool Baselayers? How to Choose the Right One for Your Use.


How Often Should You Replace Your Sports Bra?

We all have one favorite sports bra in the closet that we love to use. Unfortunately, this is probably the one that you should replace first.

Trend Guide 01.24.20

Pink ribbon

Designer and former freestyle skier Kari Traa is the official pin designer for the Pink Ribbon Initiative 2018.

Trend Guide 01.24.20

Welcome spring with new Kari Traa sneakers

Last year, for the first time, we launched our very own sneaker collection with the models Fus and Fres. Now, we are continuing the success with three new models, in addition to new colors for last year's shoes. Check out the new models here

Trend Guide 01.24.20

A Road Trip to Paris of The North

To find inspiration for this year’s collection, we went back to our roots - Norway - and took a road trip around the city of the northern lights, adventurers, high mountains and deep fjords, Tromsø.

Travel 01.24.20

On Edge surf camp in Hoddevik

This past summer, twenty Swedish girls from the online forum called On Edge, traveled to the Norwegian surf paradise of Hoddevik. Many had never met each other in person or had much surfing knowledge. What they did share, however, was the same lust for adventure and passion for extreme sports.

Trend Guide 01.24.20

Kari Essentials

A new classical wool series for everyday use. Kari comes in the delicate colours nwhite and ebony, that goes with anything in your wardrobe.