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Trend Guide 10.30.21

Three Wishes for Cinderella

What would Cinderella wish for in 2021? Kari Traa has made a 2021 Version of Three Wishes for Cinderella. Watch it here!


From Ocean Waste to Skiwear

Kari Traa's new skiwear collection is made of plastic that was about to end up at sea. REPREVE® Our Ocean collects the plastic waste, and recycles it into fiber, which are then converted into fabric at the factory.


Girls Will be Girls - Tara O Connor

Avalanche, ski and rafting guide Tarah O’Connor on dealing with outdated gender stereotypes in the outdoor industry.


Girls Will be Girls – Patricia Tjornelund

Patricia Tjørnelund loves to dance. What she does not love is having to abide by different rules of the game just because she is female.


Girls Will be Girls – Nina Waters

As a female white water rafting guide in a mostly male-dominated industry, it’s still common that Nina Waters finds herself not taken seriously – even though she’s an expert in her sport.


Girls Will be Girls - Kari Traa

There were almost no other girls in mogul skiing, when Kari Traa was competing back in the early 2000s. But while this might have appeared as a disadvantage to some, Traa says it only made her stronger.

Trend Guide 09.30.21

Live Shopping with Kari

Find the perfect baselayer for your needs!

Training 07.27.21

The Doorstep Mile

The Doorstep Mile is defined as that emotional distance we experience when trying – both mentally and physically – to get something done.

Training 05.28.21

SUP for Beginners

Stand up Paddle boarding, or SUP, is a fun way to play while exploring the rivers, lakes or oceans of the world. We talked to Colorado based SUP-queen Alex Delvecchio, on how to get started!