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Trend Guide 00.04.21

Butterfly is back!

Many of you have missed it, some of you have begged for it for years, and we have silently fought to get it back. Now, Butterfly is finally here!

Trend Guide 11.01.20

Christmas Gift Guide for Her 

It´s time to cherish the women who have supported you through all the madness of 2020.

Trend Guide 09.26.20

5 Reasons to wear wool baselayer

To all of the potential skeptics out there, and to those who just want to know more about wool, here are five reasons to wear wool baselayer.

About Us 09.05.20

Why We Love TENCEL™ Modal Fibers

The secret behind the extreme softness of our Feel Free baselayers, lies in nature’s own super-material: wood pulp.

Trend Guide 09.05.20

Fall Hiking: How to Dress and What to Pack

Get tips from KT-ambassador, outdoor blogger and co-founder of Artisjokk, Iselin Næss.

About Us 07.25.20

Our New Packaging

In 2019, we took Green Points Plastic Pledge which committed us to reduce our overall consumption of plastic. The process of investigating ways to reduce the amount of plastic in our designs and packaging started long before however, and have led to a new and more sustainable packaging solution.

Ambassadors 07.14.20

Kari Traa

I was born and raised in Voss, where there’ve been skydivers in the air for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved being high above the ground and up in the air - which is why it was natural for me to start skydiving.

Ambassadors 07.14.20

Miriam Hamberg

Death diving is a very male dominated sport and It was my brother who first dared to try it. I never thought that I would ever dare to do it myself. But then I thought: There is really no difference between them and me, so if they can, I can too! Since then we've been death diving every summer.

Ambassadors 07.14.20

Karoline Fosse

I’m the type of person who just throw myself into things, but I rarely expose myself to steep hills or too big waves that can create risk. It´s about knowing what you master and not. I’ve learned by testing and trying that it´s all about taking things step by step.