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Sustainability 02.16.28

Environmental and Social Practices

You can always feel safe when wearing any KT-piece. Here is more info on how we ensure it

About Us 12.24.24

Kari Traa - Our Story

Kari Traa is a champion freestyle skier, but also a creator of the fastest growing sports brand in Europe. Check out her base layer, sports clothing and outdoor clothing.

Baselayer 12.23.24

The Story Behind the Iconic Rose Wool Collection

Kari Traa's bestselling thermal underwear, Rose, has become an icon for the Nordic winter. The adventure started at Kari's family cabin in the Norwegian town of Voss.


Choosing the right hiking jacket for you

A hiking jacket is an investment piece that can be worn year after year. There are lots of options featuring different materials, fits, and technical details—we’ve broken down key differences in the guide.

Outdoorsy 02.30.22

How to choose the best hiking pants, tights, and shorts for your next hike

It’s important to look for options that combine comfort, durability, breathability, and water and wind resistance.

Training 02.14.22

The Ultimate Guide to Leggings

The Ultimate Guide to Leggings: What to Wear and How to Choose. We’ll explore how to choose the right pair of leggings, so you can get out and get moving!

Baselayer 02.12.22

How to Clean and Care for Wool Clothing

Did you know that wool is self-cleaning? This means you can “air it out” instead of washing it in the machine. We'll give you the advice you need to make the wool last season, after season, after season.

About Us 01.01.22

Live Shopping with Kari

Find the perfect baselayer for your needs!

Baselayer 01.01.22

5 Reasons to wear wool baselayer

To all of the potential skeptics out there, and to those who just want to know more about wool and merino wool, here are five reasons to wear wool baselayer all year around.