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Training 07.27.21

The Doorstep Mile

The Doorstep Mile is defined as that emotional distance we experience when trying – both mentally and physically – to get something done.

Training 05.28.21

SUP for Beginners

Stand up Paddle boarding, or SUP, is a fun way to play while exploring the rivers, lakes or oceans of the world. We talked to Colorado based SUP-queen Alex Delvecchio, on how to get started!

Training 05.09.21

Climbing is for everyone!

Climbing for beginners: We've talked to the climbing enthusiast, Andrea Holm, about how to get started.

Training 04.11.21

Need a running reboot? Give trail running a try!

So, you’re not a runner? Before you totally ditch the idea that running can be fun, have you tried hitting the trail? Trail running can give you a little running reboot, and help rebuild a positive relationship with running!

About Us 04.06.21

“Measurement culture” can create unhealthy training pressure

Researcher: "We need to find our way back to the childish joy of being active.”

About Us 04.05.21


Remember the good ‘ole days of playing outside just for fun? The world has become so crazy about achieving the impossible we have forgotten how to have fun. It's time to change the message: Measure Nothing. Just Play.

Trend Guide 02.22.21

Technical or Wool Baselayers?

Technical or Wool Baselayers? How to Choose the Right One for Your Use.

About Us 02.12.21

How to Clean and Care for Wool Clothing

Did you know that wool is self-cleaning? This means you can “air it out” instead of washing it in the machine. We'll give you the advice you need to make the wool last season, after season, after season.

About Us 02.01.21

How to Dress for Spring skiing

We had a chat with experienced adventurer Iselin Næss to get tips on how to dress for the spring skiing season.