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The people and places that make Kari Traa

Trend Guide 12.03.18

The Story Behind the Iconic Rose Wool Collection

Kari Traa's bestselling thermal underwear, Rose, has become an icon for the Nordic winter. The adventure started at Kari's family cabin in the Norwegian town of Voss.

Trend Guide 11.19.18

Why wool is as good as gold – even in sports bras

We’ve always been taught to wear wool baselayers closest to the body. However, many seem to forget that, for women, a baselayer top is not the inner-most layer – a sports bra is.

Trend Guide 10.23.18

Kari Essentials

A new classical wool series for everyday use. Kari comes in the delicate colours nwhite and ebony, that goes with anything in your wardrobe.

Trend Guide 10.12.18

Your best supporter

Kari Traa has development seven specialized sports bras to cover the different needs of women. The sports bras are named after the Norse goddesses who each possess different super powers that align with each bras strength.

Trend Guide 10.01.18

Pink ribbon

Designer and former freestyle skier Kari Traa is the official pin designer for the Pink Ribbon Initiative 2018.

Trend Guide 09.27.18

Julie Bergan X Kari Traa

We dig this lady. Not only for the songs that she tops the charts with, but also because she is a hard worker that is always inspiring us. Pop artist Julie Bergan is our new ambassador!

Trend Guide 09.13.18

A Road Trip to Paris of The North

To find inspiration for this year’s collection, we went back to our roots - Norway - and took a road trip around the city of the northern lights, adventurers, high mountains and deep fjords, Tromsø.

Trend Guide 08.21.18

The Golden Rules of Athleisure

The latest KT fall active wear collection has blurred the lines between locker room and your everyday wardrobe, to create something you can wear comfortably and fashionably anywhere

Trend Guide 08.01.18

How I choose the perfect Base layer

Swedish skier Hildur Karlsson has a lot of experience when it comes to dressing right for cold weather activities. And according to her, it all starts with the first layer.