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Trend Guide 00.10.22

The Ultimate Guide to Leggings

The Ultimate Guide to Leggings: What to Wear and How to Choose. We’ll explore how to choose the right pair of leggings, so you can get out and get moving!

Trend Guide 10.30.21

Three Wishes for Cinderella

What would Cinderella wish for in 2021? Kari Traa has made a 2021 Version of Three Wishes for Cinderella. Watch it here!


From Ocean Waste to Skiwear

Kari Traa's new skiwear collection is made of plastic that was about to end up at sea. REPREVE® Our Ocean collects the plastic waste, and recycles it into fiber, which are then converted into fabric at the factory.

Trend Guide 09.30.21

Live Shopping with Kari

Find the perfect baselayer for your needs!

Trend Guide 02.22.21

Technical or Wool Baselayers?

Technical or Wool Baselayers? How to Choose the Right One for Your Use.

Trend Guide 00.04.21

Butterfly is back!

Many of you have missed it, some of you have begged for it for years, and we have silently fought to get it back. Now, Butterfly is finally here!

Trend Guide 11.01.20

Christmas Gift Guide for Her 

The Kari Traa Christmas Guide is created for you more easily find the best gifts this year. Check out out categories!

Trend Guide 09.26.20

5 Reasons to wear wool baselayer

To all of the potential skeptics out there, and to those who just want to know more about wool and merino wool, here are five reasons to wear wool baselayer all year around.

Trend Guide 09.05.20

Fall Hiking: How to Dress and What to Pack

Get tips from KT-ambassador, outdoor blogger and co-founder of Artisjokk, Iselin Næss.