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Travel 05.23.20

Sleeping Outdoors This Summer

Wanna Spend the Night in a Hammock this Summer? This is What You Need to Know

Travel 01.24.20

On Edge surf camp in Hoddevik

This past summer, twenty Swedish girls from the online forum called On Edge, traveled to the Norwegian surf paradise of Hoddevik. Many had never met each other in person or had much surfing knowledge. What they did share, however, was the same lust for adventure and passion for extreme sports.

Travel 06.22.19


Forget Camping, Go Glamping! Travel locally and keep warm in Kari Traa base layer.

Travel 02.11.19

Ása Steinars Travel Tips for Iceland

Iceland is truly a natural paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Widely known as “The Land of Fire and Ice”; home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe, and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. Here is my recommendation to GO ALL OUT in Iceland

Travel 02.05.19


We visit Kari Traa ambassador Steffi Van Der Branden in Selje, Norway, where she grew up. Out on the surf paradise Hoddevik on a little peninsula called Stadt, it is crawling with surfers and yoga-savvy young people on vacation.

Travel 06.31.18

Photo Tips

A couple of easy tips and tricks can seriously up your memory capturing game and eternalize those magic moments

Travel 06.31.18

Summiting in Lofoten

A playground for mountain lovers and magic summer days and night

Travel 02.01.17

10 Packing Tips

Summer`s up! Time to pack your belongings and get out of the city. Learn these handy tricks!