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Training 02.03.20

7 Reasons To Exercise Outdoors

Nothing beats working out outdoors! Need more motivation? Here are seven motivating reasons to break a sweat outside the gym!

Training 01.24.20

10 Period Myths We Need to Clear up Now

Old myths and rumors still exists in many cultures, maintaining menstruation as taboo. Transparency is our best weapon against this. So, let's kill the myths one-by-one with some facts.

Training 06.01.19

Squash stress and gain inner peace through Yoga

Model, adventurer and KT ambassador Maiken Wahlstrøm Nilssen has been completely burned-out several times in her 28-year life. Now, she wants to inspire others who may still be skeptical to learn the art of finding inner peace and security in their hectic everyday lives.

Training 01.01.18

Are You Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra?

According to studies carried out by the world leading breast scientists from Portsmouth University, 70 % of us are- and the consequences of doing so might be more severe than you are aware of.

Training 10.01.17

10 Quickies with Stine Hartmann

Outdoor- and workout enthusiast Stina Hartmann from Norway, is one of the most bubbly and positive women out there. We met her for a quick lunch, Stine dressed in full workout apparal as always on the go, to let you girls get to know her.

Training 09.01.17

Add yoga to your training

Yoga teacher Therese Furudalhad one vision in mind when she founded «Yoga stories in Åre». Make yoga available for everyone and demystify it.

Training 06.31.16

Helene Drage

For many years, Helene Drage has been sharing her workouts and given her readers tips and motivation on health and fitness. That is, until recently.