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Training 03.26.22

This season’s workout clothes for outdoor training

To keep those endorphins flowing and remain focused on the task at hand, look for workout clothes that move with you effortlessly through a variety of terrain and weather conditions.

Training 02.14.22

The Ultimate Guide to Leggings

The Ultimate Guide to Leggings: What to Wear and How to Choose. We’ll explore how to choose the right pair of leggings, so you can get out and get moving!

Training 07.27.21

The Doorstep Mile

The Doorstep Mile is defined as that emotional distance we experience when trying – both mentally and physically – to get something done.

Training 05.28.21

SUP for Beginners

Stand up Paddle boarding, or SUP, is a fun way to play while exploring the rivers, lakes or oceans of the world. We talked to Colorado based SUP-queen Alex Delvecchio, on how to get started!

Training 12.04.21

Butterfly is back!

Many of you have missed it, some of you have begged for it for years, and we have silently fought to get it back. Now, Butterfly is finally here!

Training 05.08.20

How Often Should You Replace Your Sports Bra?

We all have one favorite sports bra in the closet that we love to use. Unfortunately, this is probably the one that you should replace first.

Training 02.03.20

7 Reasons To Exercise Outdoors

Nothing beats working out outdoors! Need more motivation? Here are seven motivating reasons to break a sweat outside the gym!

Training 01.24.20

10 Period Myths We Need to Clear up Now

Old myths and rumors still exists in many cultures, maintaining menstruation as taboo. Transparency is our best weapon against this. So, let's kill the myths one-by-one with some facts.

Training 01.01.18

Are You Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra?

According to studies carried out by the world leading breast scientists from Portsmouth University, 70 % of us are- and the consequences of doing so might be more severe than you are aware of.