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Ambassadors 07.13.19

Amalie Hegland Lauritzen

I’m a Kari Traa ambassador because: I love the personality of the brand, it really stands out from others; both the people behind it, the products they make and what they stand for.

Ambassadors 06.21.19

“We don't have to fit within a box to love who we want”

Tonje Frøystad Garvik and Lene Sleperud took Norway by storm when they won the Norwegian reality TV program “Farmen” in 2018. Not only did they receive attention for the victory, but also for their relationship with each other.

Ambassadors 04.08.19

Sabina Särkkä

I really like the brand and its positive energy, and I love the clothes. Kari Traa is always with me on my snowboard trips, and I wear it for all my outdoor activities.

Ambassadors 01.06.19

Mona Berntsen

I am motivated by the growing number of women taking positions in new areas, in everything from sports to the boardrooms of the world's largest companies

Ambassadors 06.27.18

Maiken Walstrøm Nilssen

I am Kari Traa ambassador because: I love what Kari Traa stands for. They´re focus on sporty woman supporting each other.

Ambassadors 06.27.18

Hildur Karlsson

I am Kari Traa ambassador because: I love the brand and what it stands for! It feels really cool to be a part of the Kari Traa-family and at the same time try to inspire more girls to chase their goals.

Ambassadors 06.27.18

Svenja Redeker

I am Kari Traa ambassador because: I love their active style and passion for great design. I feel Kari Traa reflects my lifestyle: Whether it`s training in the winter, summer or at the gym, I always find the perfect gear to motivate me.

Ambassadors 06.27.18

Eva Samkova

I like strong girls who live to the fullest. I like different, functional and beautiful clothing. 

Ambassadors 06.27.18

Kajsa Larsson

I am Kari Traa ambassador because: Being a part of a group of awesome girls is the best thing ever! And I love all the clothes since I can use them for all kinds of sports.