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About Us

About Us 12.24.24

Kari Traa - Our Story

Kari Traa is a champion freestyle skier, but also a creator of the fastest growing sports brand in Europe. Check out her base layer, sports clothing and outdoor clothing.

Baselayer 12.23.24

The Story Behind the Iconic Rose Wool Collection

Kari Traa's bestselling thermal underwear, Rose, has become an icon for the Nordic winter. The adventure started at Kari's family cabin in the Norwegian town of Voss.

About Us 01.01.23

Ice Bath: Benefits and tips

Have you ever considered ice bathing? Read more about how taking an ice bath can improve health and wellbeing – and find out how to get started!

About Us 10.05.22

Boobs on our mind

All we care about in October is breasts. At Kari Traa we are proud to support women all over the world, getting out there and grabbing life by the boobs.

About Us 02.01.22

Kari Traa x Våk x Hattvika Lodge

Besøk topper og vinn premier mens du går gjennom Våkappen. De to som har besøkt flest topper når konkurransen er over, vinner en weekend til Lofoten for 2 personer hver på Hattvika Lodge.

About Us 01.01.22

Live Shopping with Kari

Find the perfect baselayer for your needs!

About Us 12.10.22

Kari Traa

I was born and raised in Voss, where there’ve been skydivers in the air for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved being high above the ground and up in the air - which is why it was natural for me to start skydiving.


Girls Will be Girls - Tara O Connor

Avalanche, ski and rafting guide Tarah O’Connor on dealing with outdated gender stereotypes in the outdoor industry.


Girls Will be Girls – Patricia Tjornelund

Patricia Tjørnelund loves to dance. What she does not love is having to abide by different rules of the game just because she is female.