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How Often Should You Replace Your Sports Bra?

We all have one favorite sports bra in the closet that we love to use. Unfortunately, this is probably the one that you should replace first.

According to Kari Traa sports bra developer Marika Høseggen, the sports bras that we most often use do not retain their same good qualities over time.

- How often you should change the sports bra depends, of course, on how often you exercise, how often you wash the sports bra and how the elasticity holds up, says Høseggen.

According to her, a good rule of thumb is to replace the sports bra each year. Maybe even more often if you exercise frequently in the same bra.

Incorrect support damages breast tissue

- It can sound like very often, as well as expensive, but remember that exercising without proper support can lower your performance, cause chest pain, damage your breast tissue, and thereby speed up «breast sag», she adds.

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There is no exact answer for when you should replace your sports bra. However, here are some signs that your sports bra has gone out of date.

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5 signs that your sports bra has expired:

  • Clear signs of wear, such as the shape having changed and widened.

  • The elastic has become softer, maybe you can even see rubber threads sticking out.

  • Pain in the chest, neck or shoulders while active.

  • If the sports bra has become a little too comfortable, straps or bands around the bust are looser and the bust moves more than before when exercising.

  • Also, think about whether your body has changed over the last 6-12 months. Have you gone up or down in weight, or gone through a pregnancy?

Remember! There is no natural support in the breasts and size varies throughout life due to hormones, menstruation, weight change, pregnancy and age.

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For the sake of both the environment – and your wallet – it is in everyone's best interests to try and preserve a sports bra as long as possible. According to Høseggen, there are some things you can do to make it live longer.

" For the sake of both the environment – and your wallet – it is in everyone's best interests to try and preserve a sports bra as long as possible."

Marika Høseggen, Kari Traa sports bra developer


Tips on how to keep your sports bra longer:

  • Buy a sports bra with good adjustment options. Frequent use, high intensity training and washing will wear the fabric and may widen the bra over time. You can compensate for this to some extent, with good adjustment options on the shoulder straps and the strap under the bust.

  • Read the washing instructions carefully. Using a laundry bag and allowing the garment to air dry can extend its life.

  • Have some different models to change between that are also adapted to different types of exercise.