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A Road Trip to Paris of The North…

To find inspiration for this year’s collection, we went back to our roots - Norway - and took a road trip around the city of the northern lights, adventurers, high mountains and deep fjords, Tromsø.


This wild island, situated almost 350 km north of the Arctic Circle, has 60 days with biting cold and darkness, but also 60 days where the sun never sets …

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In other words, it has little resemblance to the actual city of Paris. So why is Tromsø called Paris of the north? We must go back to the 18th century to find that it was the Nordic women's great taste for fashion that evoked the name. At the time fish export was the biggest industry in Tromsø. Tradesmen travelled to France, Spain and Italy and brought back elegant fabrics and creations for their daughters and wives. And despite harsh weather conditions, they found a way to work it.


This seasons collection doesn't come with pearls or high heels though. As Coco Chanel put is, «Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury». Our goal at Kari Traa is always to create comfortable and liberating apparel that also makes us feel and look fabulous. With this season's new colorways and beautiful patterns we are convinced that all girls will find lots of pieces that they will love to wear.

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We hope to inspire women from all over the world this season, to live out their most adventurous dreams, while looking their best.

Bon voyage, Kari Traa