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Wool | kari traa

Christmas Gift Guide for Her

It´s time to cherish the women who have supported you through all the madness of 2020. You know who they are, and what they need. So, we´ve put together some gift ideas to help you get started.

For the Ski Bunny 

For the woman in your life who has been longing for ski season and dreaming of brighter powder days during lockdown. Here are some gifts that we think the ski bunny will appreciate:

Resons to wear wool | kari traa

For the Urban Adventurer

For the one who insisted on continuing to support local businesses and took you out for coffee and lunch to cheer you up this year. Here are some comfortable, sporty looks we believe the urban adventurer will love:

Resons to wear wool | kari traa

For the Fitness Queen

For the one who got you off the couch with her, at times annoying, enthusiasm for online fitness classes. Here are some fresh sportswear pieces that can replace what she wore out during lockdown:   

Resons to wear wool | kari traa