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How I choose the perfect Baselayer

Swedish skier Hildur Karlsson has a lot of experience when it comes to dressing right for cold weather activities. And according to her, it all starts with the first layer.

Choosing the right baselayer for your kind of activity is key to staying comfortable outdoors in any weather. Hildur Karlsson has her closet full of various types so that she can be prepared for anything

- I love the soft and stretchy Rose merino wool, that has a thin side panel under the arms for extra breathability. They are super comfortable and provide great ventilation – which is super important when you´re sweating in the slopes for example.
On really cold days the skier loves to wear a thicker wool baselayer.

Karlsson also prefers to have an extra wool baselayer to change into when she comes home to relax on the sofa ….

Another benefit of using wool is its natural antibacterial effects that prevents smell … That´s definitely a plus when you want to join an après ski party after wards!

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For less cold days, Svala baselayer is Karlsson´s favorite.

The 21-year-old skier living in Sälen in Sweden, spends most of her winter time in various ski resorts. But off season, Karlsson still loves to be outdoors, hiking or working out.

Check out her inspiring Instagram account here.

- Off season, I love to wear more technical baselayers such as the Kari Traa Svala set. The mix of wool and moisture wicking, technical fabric keeps me feeling fresh and dry when hiking or doing other activities where comfort is key.

Hildur`s 3 big tips for choosing your perfect baselayer:

1. Buy one that fits your needs

Think about what kind of activity you will use it for. If it’s for high intense winter activities like cross country skiing, you should choose a baselayer constructed by a mix of technical and wool fabrics. Are you going to do more moderate activities like hiking or skiing in cold weather, you should choose a 100 % merino wool baselayer that keeps you warm. For less cold days, with high

2. Find the perfect fit for your body

There is nothing worse than having to pull your pants up constantly, or making sure your sweater isn’t sliding up. Find a baselayer that suits your body. I love the tight and feminine fit on the Kari Traa baselayers, that also have a stretchy waistband to prevent your pants from sliding down. Finding the right size and model for you is key.

3. Choose one that makes you feel good

My last tip is to find a baselayer that makes you feel good about yourself. I love to brighten up the snowy mountains with bright colourful baselayers that make me feel confident as I slide down the hills. Look good, feel good – it´s as simple as that!