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Woman in sun glasses lying in the grass and taking a selfie - Kari Traa


Photo tips

In today’s media society, we pretty much capture all moments that are special to us and that we want to remember for years to come, through a lens. Especially when we are on holiday or are doing something special. Our phones have great photography features, and cameras come in all sizes and shapes. However, having a camera at hand does not automatically equal a good quality photo that conveys the moment you want to capture. On the other hand, a couple of easy tips and tricks can seriously up your memory capturing game and eternalize those magic moments

Tine Simonsen @simonsentine, is a Norwegian fulltime student and part time freelance sports and outdoors journalist – but most of all just a girl who loves to play outdoors. She has been taking pictures from a young age and is sharing her tips in this little guide.


Whether you use your phone camera, a compact camera or a more advanced one is solely up to you. Personally, I believe one does not need to complicate things. Most phones these days have excellent photo features, and may be sufficient if you are not more than averagely interested in photography. If you are however, you can get a whole lot of entertainment and excitement out of using a camera with more options and great functions. Think about what you want in a camera and do some research. Also, if you do go about your adventures alone, have a look at pairing functions with for example a remote or your phone.


Like most creative things, what one find beautiful might not even look okay to someone else. You need to find your style and also be aware of what result you want before you start shooting. After a while you will know exactly what you want your photo to look like, and in a certain degree be able to recreate it digitally. However, even after years of being active taking pictures, photos turn out a little bit different than what you wanted in the first place. But – different does not always equal worse. Look for inspiration on social media and seek out some compositions or styles that you like and use it as a guideline for your own photos.


Adding the right elements to your photo can make all the difference. It can be the lighting in the photo, the placement of the things or persons in it, the colors, the angle the photo is captured in and so on. Typically the average photographer is not aware of these things and therefore it is up to the coincidence whether the picture will turn out well balanced or not. Therefore – be aware of the composition of elements in your photo. Maybe you do not need to put the person in the middle of the photo. Maybe there are some disturbing elements you can remove from the scene. Maybe the photo will look better if the photo is angled in a different way than straight forward? Play around and create the photo, not just take it.


To create life and energy in your photo, it is essential to place the object of the photo in an atypical position. If you practice you will be able to make it look like the object is moving in the direction it is going in real life. Also, the persons in the photo do not need to be standing straight up in front of the camera. Take the picture while they are doing their thing, sitting down for a break or just enjoying the sun.


Photography is creative work. There are no right or wrong. You need to find what is right for you and what you find beautiful. Also remember why you brought the camera in the first place – most likely you where experiencing something epic and wanted to remember it forever. Notice what pictures you have captured that can bring you back to that magic moment that you wanted to eternalize. Just have fun, bring extra batteries and a waterproof bag in case of rain.