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On Edge surf camp in Hoddevik

This past summer, twenty Swedish girls from the online forum called On Edge, traveled to the Norwegian surf paradise of Hoddevik. Many had never met each other in person or had much surfing knowledge. What they did share, however, was the same lust for adventure and passion for extreme sports.

The Swedish forum On Edge emerged from a longing to share this passion with like-minded girls. Today, there are over 12,000 followers on Facebook, where inspiration, tips and gatherings are frequently shared.

“A few years ago, I would’ve never dreamed of being surrounded by so many like-minded girls, who were as motivated as I am about jumping out into the cold waters of Hoddevik to learn how to surf,” says Elin, one of the girls behind On Edge.

Women in Kari Traa baselayer sitting down with her surfboard on the road Women walking to the beach with their surf boards dressed in Kari Traa baselayer

This spring, they posted about the trip to Hoddevik on their Facebook group and after only five minutes, all the spots were filled.

“It just shows how many adventurous girls there are out there! It's so amazing when we can get together through this forum, get outside and do exciting things,” says Elin.

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Women on the road with surf boards - Kari Traa baselayer

A paradise next door

Many people travel around the world looking for perfect waves and beautiful scenery.

“The fact that you can travel to neighboring Norway and find all of this is something we Swedes have only discovered recently,” she says.

Hoddevik is a small bay on the sea, located on the west coast of Norway.

“The water was so turquoise, the sand as white as chalk and it’s all surrounded by steep, green mountains that made it so exotic that we had to pinch ourselves to make sure it was real.”

Woman dressed in baselayer - Kari Traa Two women sitting on a Hoddevik sign - Kari Traa

Forget the weather forecast

The weather, on the other hand, is not really as tropical as the surroundings might lead you to believe.

“It’s useless to follow weather forecasts at Hoddevik. One simply has to dress smart and hope for the best.”

On the west coast of Norway, wind, rain and sun fluctuate between each other and often, everything comes all at once. The girl’s suitcases were therefore packed full of wool.

Wool has the advantage of regulating body temperature according to the conditions and insulates against both heat and cold. And even if you sweat, or get wet in the rain, wool keeps you warm. Together with a windproof outer layer, you have the ultimate clothing combo, and we can totally understand why Norwegians, like Kari, have such a great love for wool.

Two women standing on the side of road with their surfboards

The luxury of twice a day yoga

The waves at Hoddevik can be as unstable as the weather, especially in the summer. So "what do you do when you’re at a surf camp and can't surf," asked the girls? The answer is plenty of activities like hiking, yoga on the beach, skateboarding, SUP and snorkeling – to name a few. They definitely weren’t going to get bored.

“Just the luxury of doing yoga twice a day in such a beautiful environment, made us quickly forget about the surf being flat,” mentions Elin.

Woman doing aerobics dressed in baselayer - Kari Traa Woman on her way to the beach with her surfboard - Kari Traa

On the On Edge forum, communication between members is largely done online.

“Getting together "irl", sharing experiences and having fun together was fantastic in itself. And with the bad internet connection out there, we could be even more present in the moment,” says Elin.

Looking for someone to share your adventures with? Check out On Edge here.

Women on their way from the beach dressed in baselayer - Kari Traa