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Forget Camping, Go Glamping!

Do you love the idea of spending time in nature, but lack enthusiasm for sleeping bags and poor food? Glamping has long been a buzzword on Instagram, and in these #staycation times where 'flying shame' is keeping many people at home during vacations, glamorous camping has become hot not just on the feeds of influencers, but also with the "people". But what does "glamping" really involve? We traveled to the glamping mecca Canvas Hove on the Norwegian island of Tromøy to learn more.

                                                                                                  Linn in Rose baselayer top and bottom

Forget the Sleeping Pad and Sleeping bag

At Canvas Hove you can sleep in the treetops in a so-called "cocoon" on soft mattresses with a newly made-up duvet and pillow. Or in a "yurt", a kind of luxury tent with its own toilet, bed and bathtub. For breakfast you cook your own eggs and bacon on a wood-burning stove outside that gives you that camping feeling, but with the luxury of not having to carry your food in a backpack on the way...


"Insta-friendly" activities

When glamping you shouldn’t just eat, but also be active – in the insta-friendly way, of course. At Canvas Hove you will find transparent canoes that give you a view into the crystal-clear waters. On the animal front, it should be said that we mostly only spotted jellyfish, but the feeling of being so close to the water with a view down to the seafloor while paddling was exotic. In the area were also several nice sandy beaches that you could paddle out to for some sunbathing and new discoveries. SUP was also a popular glamping activity, and you could rent boards for all levels at the camp – a nice and easy way to get out on the water. Several mountain bikers also enjoyed the cycling trails in the terrain nearby, which was great for beginners. Otherwise, the area was perfect for runs along beautiful beaches, or on the nice trails in the forest. We also heard rumors that the camp plans to get started with yoga!


A spa in nature

After a day full of activities, we come to the most luxurious part of the entire glamping experience at Tromøya, the outdoor spa. At Canvas Hove you find two large outdoor baths heated by a wood-burning stove, and two saunas: one with a view to the sea, and one on the sea - which you get to by wading out through the cool shallow water. A perfect end to a chilly summer evening before crawling under the covers.


All in all, a comfortable, yet more expensive, way of living in nature. And for inspiration to those wanting to glam-up their camping trip on a budget:

Here are ten ways to transform camping into glamping.

1. Get a large tent with plenty of space. Or a transparent one for panoramic views.
2. Find a beautiful natural area nearby, so you can carry extra luggage with you. Or if you're lucky enough to have a garden, why not take a #staycation there. Zero travel emissions at least!
3. Bring a thin duvet and lightweight pillow as well as an inflatable, comfortable mattress for some extra comfort.
4. Decorate the tent entrance with lights or scented candles to add a lot of glamping factor.
5. Get yourself a camping grill or stove for the catering!
6. Prepare an omelet or a pancake bottle in advance for breakfast. Simple and ready-made barbecue – and marshmallows for the evening – will be a fine luxury dinner.
7. Good drinks! Bring powdered coffee in a bag, oat milk (no need to refrigerate), a small bottle of juice, bag-in-box wine - whatever gives you that glam feeling, just find a light version of it and bring it along!
8. Bring camping mugs, they are decorative and can be used for anything from cocoa to wine. Check out the ones we used on the trip from
9. Comfortable clothes that you feel nice wearing. A nice and comfy summer dress, glams things up. And remember wool base layers for the evening.
10. Music! A small speaker is easy to carry and create a great atmosphere in the camp.

Have a great trip!