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10 Quickies With Professional Trainer and Influencer Stine Hartmann

Outdoor- and workout enthusiast Stina Hartmann from Norway, is one of the most bubbly and positive women out there. Check out her Instagram here, if you don’t believe us. Which is also why we picked her as this years Urban Training instructor. We met her for a quick lunch, Stine dressed in full workout apparal as always on the go, to let you girls get to know her.

"Stine, how do you start your day?"

With a good portion of porridge, coffee, online newspapers and music!

"How much time goes to exercising every day?"

One hour of hard training, but I would say that I am pretty active throughout the entire day. Good shoes are therefore alpha omega, you rarely see me in high heels! Haha.

"You always seem to be above average energetic and happy, does this always come naturally, or where do you get it from?"

I am easily inspired in my daily life. People I meet, music I listen to and nature gives me a lot of inspiration. And from inspiration also comes joy and energy! Training at the start of the day is also an essential ingredient for me to have energy for the rest of the day!

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"You inspire many people to live more actively. Who inspires you?"

My boyfriend! We both found out that we were fitness freaks. He gives me inspiration in everyday life to train and to test out new things! Like, for example, 8 minutes on the mill at 10%, haha.

"Today, there is a lot of talk about the impact and negative pressure of influencers on young girls. How do you see this with regards to the role that you have as an influencer yourself?"

I try to have a natural and humorous relationship with exercising, food and body. I usually eat what I want (this goes in periods since my stomach does not tolerate everything) and post everything from healthy recipes, to chocolate during the weekday. I really hope that my followers see that a balanced lifestyle with exercise and relaxation is the way to happiness. I am also very cautions when it comes to collaborations. I don’t want to promote products that aren't in line with my values and that I believe have a risk of creating complexes or attention around "problems" that aren`t actual problems. My vision with my instagram is to show the joy of working out. With emphasis on playfulness!

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"What does your boyfriend and others around you think about you sharing so much on social media, and how do they like being a part of it?"

He thinks it's okay! I usually ask him before I share something, but not always! Haha. Friends are probably used to it, but I am careful to put away the phone when I'm with friends that aren’t so fond of social media.

"Throughout the Spring, you´re going to hold Urban Training for Kari Traa. What can participants expect?"

Playfulness, joy, smiles and sweat! And a little lactic acid in the legs! However, first and foremost, we will have FUN and the workouts will be something for EVERYONE - regardless of their training background.

"What is your relationship with Kari Traa?"

The products: I love them! They have evolved so much in only a few years, yet I love how the clothes still preserve that energy and playfulness! I simply become happy from wearing clothing from Kari Traa, and I think it is infecting others. I always get so much positive feedback and comments when I post photos of myself in Kari Traa clothing.

The woman: She is so awesome! I have only met her once in connection with a climbing event when Kari Traa launched Tikse-wool, and she was so down to earth and real!

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"If you could only do one exercise for 5 minutes each day, which one would be most effective?"


"Best life hack?"

Am I allowed to answer dry shampoo? HAHA! Saves my day(s)!

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