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Synne Baklid

I am Kari Traa ambassador because:
I am a positive girl who loves to socialize through all kinds of sports and activities. I want to show other people all the positive things an active lifestyle can give you, and most important of all; that training can be FUN! It gives me a lot to be able to share the joy of exercise with other people and help them to get motivated and find happiness through activities. And new colourful clothes from Kari Traa are a perfect way to start that journey!

My favorite piece from the new collection is:

Vossa-knit, it`s so nice! And also I love the whole new Active Wear collection.

I have a passion for:

Training, traveling, friends, new experiences and chocolate ...

… and I work out because:

It makes me feel good, and because I loooove food (the more I work out, the more I can eat;)

How I dare to play:

I never say no to new things, and I am also a stubborn person. If I make a decision of doing something crazy, I don’t give up until it`s done.

My favorite KT-hashtag and what it means to me:

#Daretoplay I think it’s important to push my own limits. That’s my way of moving forward in life.