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Miriam Hamberg - Death Diving - Stil Baselayer

Three Super Women Who Inspire us


You find them jumping from airplanes, death diving from 10 meter heights, longboarding or swimming in ice cold water. Where do they find the courage and what’s their motivation? We had a chat with three women, who inspired our new technical baselayer Stil - which they’ve all tested for us.
Meet Miriam Hamberg

Name: Miriam Hamberg
City: Stockholm
Death Diving

Why did you start death diving?

Me and my brothers were watching death diving on the internet and thought it looked fun. When the World Championship Qualifications were arranged in Stockholm, I just came along to watch it, but honestly mostly to party … After attending the event however, I was hooked. It was my brother who first tested it. At that time, I thought I'd never dare to try it myself. Death diving is a very male dominated sport. But then I thought: There is really no difference between them and me, so if they can, I can too! Since then we've been death diving every summer. I think it’s important to remember; that if you expect more from yourself, you will be able to do more too.

What’s your mindset right before you jump?

I try not to think at all. I just remind myself to tuck my head in right before I hit the water to avoid face planting. I also tell myself that it doesn't have to be perfect, I focus on doing my best and focus on having fun!

Miriam Hamberg - Death Diving - Stil Baselayer

Do you use this mind set in other parts of your life?

Death diving was really the worst and scariest thing I could ever imagine myself doing, so after the first time I had jumped, I thought: «If can do this, I can do anything». Now I know that I can change my mindset and that I'm the one who sets my own limits. This gives me a new strength that I use in my everyday life too, especially in my studies.

Can you practice courage?

Absolutely, step by step. I first started jumping from a very low height. A good tip is to do the shrimp (that's what the landing position is called) from the edge of the pool. Remember to tuck your head in! Once you're comfortable with the landing position, you can move up to the next height. You will soon realize that there’s no difference between diving from 3 or 10 meters; as long as you’ve got the right technique and don’t hesitate, it won’t hurt.

rose pattern rose baselayer

"Don´t overthink things, just try them and see! You will be surprised by how much you can do when you start pushing your mental limits."

Miriam Hamberg

What is your advice for girls who want to become more fearless in life in general, or who want to try out a new activity?

Don´t overthink things, just try them and see! You will be surprised by how much you can do when you start pushing your mental limits.

What’s your super power?

Will power and guts!

After having tested Stil baselayer, what did you think about it and what will you wear if for?

Tip top! It's perfect for outdoor activities when you need something that dries quick and feels comfortable. It´s very stretchy and soft which also makes it great to wear indoors during a weekend at the cabin.