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Karoline Fosse - Longboard - Stil Baselayer

Three Super Women Who Inspire us


You find them jumping from airplanes, death diving from 10 meter heights, longboarding or swimming in ice cold water. Where do they find the courage and what’s their motivation? We had a chat with three women, who inspired our new technical baselayer Stil - which they’ve all tested for us.
Meet Karoline Fosse

Name: Karoline Fosse
City: Voss
Passion: Snowboard, Longboard, ice swimming, surfing

Why did you start doing board sports?

I inherited my brothers snowboard when I was five-years-old, and grew up next to a slope where I practiced every day after school. It was first after upper secondary school that I opened my eyes to other types of board sports such as surfing and some longboarding and skateboarding. I´m not particularly good at any of it, but I find it so amusing and rewarding when I feel that I master it (aka don’t hurt myself …). When I lived in California, it was also extremely practical to get from A to B by longboard. It was here, that I started surfing too. There’s no doubt that mastering one board sport, helps you in others!

What’s your mindset before you set out on your longboard or head out to the waves?

I just throw myself into it, but I rarely expose myself to steep hills or too big waves that can create risk. It´s about knowing what you master and not. I’ve learned by testing and trying that it´s all about taking things step by step. This way, you will eventually learn to master the toughest conditions because you’re trained for them, both mentally and physically.

Karoline Fosse - Longboard - Stil Baselayer

Do you use this mind set in other parts of your life?

I think I have this mindset when it comes to most things in life. I usually just throw myself into things, and see if it works or not. I’ve been traveling and moving around a lot the last five years, which has made me very adaptable and fearless. I have no steady income or job to rely on since I work freelance most of the time, which implies taking risks and accepting a certain instability in my life. But as long as I do anything in my power to make things work, the freedom of doing what I love is worth the risk.

Can you practice courage?

Absolutely! Like I’ve mentioned, I have the tendency to just throw myself into things – but this is a personality trait that not everyone has. How to best practice courage is very individual, but one thing that I really believe in is to take things step by step and to seek support and help from others. I can use surfing as an example: Surfing is one of the few things that makes me really nervous. There are so many different factors that have to play together in order for you to succeed, especially when dealing with big waves. I´ve learned that surfing with people that are on my level, or slightly better than me, makes me feel a lot safer and allows me to enjoy it a lot more. Another thing I’ve learned is that when it comes to surfing, I can’t just throw myself into the biggest waves, but rather train in smaller waves. You can’t rush into becoming pro at something, you need to take baby steps. This implies in real life as well: The more you expose yourself to small challenges that scare you, the less scary the bigger ones eventually become because you know you can handle them.

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"As long as I do anything in my power to make things work, the freedom of doing what I love is worth the risk"

Karoline Fosse

What is your advice for girls who want to become more fearless in life in general, or who want to try out a new activity?

Then I have to repeat what I´ve said above: Training and exposure. If you have an inner dream of becoming good at surfing or sky diving but are afraid of heights or accidents, you start from scratch and build yourself up. Throwing yourself into 3-meter-high waves or jumping from an airplane without training is not courage, it's dumb. So, take things step by step and reach out for help by signing up for a course or asking someone you know. Most people love teaching what they’re passionate about, so don’t be afraid to ask.

What’s your super power?

I can throw myself into any kind of water, regardless of weather and temperature.

After having tested Stil baselayer, what did you think about it and what will you wear if for?

I find them super comfortable – I could just as easily wear them for a relaxed evening on the couch as for a hike or snowboarding. And I absolutely love the colours and how they make my photos pop.