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Mona Berntsen continues her shoe-collaboration with Kari Traa

Mona Berntsen fronted Kari Traa's first shoe campaign "Run The Show" last autumn, with a video where she dances through the collection. Watch the video here. Now, she is continuing the collaboration, this time as a model for the new shoe collection. We talked to the LA-based dancer, who has previously danced with stars such as Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and Chris Brown – and is now a judge for the Norwegian TV show Norske Talenter.

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"What does Run The Show mean to you?"

To me, “run the show” means being the woman over my own life. To dare to set the premises for my own goals and ambitions, working hard to reach them - and having fun on the way. I am motivated by the growing number of women taking positions in new areas, in everything from sports to the boardrooms of the world's largest companies,” says Berntsen, who was the model for the shoe shoot this year.


"Why have you chosen to continue working with Kari Traa?"

“The fact that I entered into the partnership with Kari Traa was first and foremost about the fact that it is a brand that stands for the values that I support very much – in addition to being extra fun to cooperate with Norwegian players. The fact that we have built upon the cooperation after last year is simply due to the awesome group of people that live and breathe the culture Kari Traa stands for, and which ensured that the cooperation between us was very organic and equal. Throughout the process, I got to be myself and make a mark on the campaign – and, not least, I ended up making new and rewarding relationships with everyone involved.”

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To me, “run the show” means being the woman over my own life.

"What kind of shoes do you prefer to use in everyday life?"

“In everyday life, of course, there are a lot of sneakers. Both because I think they match both dresses and pants, but also because I have a fairly hectic life, which makes comfortable shoes a must.”

"As a dancer, footwear is an important carrier, but also visually important to the show; how was it to dance in these shoes last fall? "

“Not only are the shoes nice, but they are also incredibly versatile and go well with different outfits, both in contrast to as well as blending in with the clothes. In addition, I think the shoes have good cushioning and good grip - without stopping me from being able to make a pirouette or two.”

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