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Amalie Hegland Lauritzen

From: Voss, Norway
Sport: Indoor Skydiving

I am Kari Traa ambassador because:

I love the personality of the brand, it really stands out from others; both the people behind it, the products they make and what they stand for. I am so proud to represent and be a part of it! I also think it´s really cool that Kari Traa has such an including approach. No matter who you are, what sports you do or even if you don´t do any – Kari Traa is for everyone.

My favorite piece from the new collection is:

I get new favourites every season, but I really love the Var sports bra!

I have a passion for:

Flying! Flying in the wind tunnel is the most exhilarating thing I know. I also love to be outdoors in the nature, either if it´s up in the air flying, or in the mountains, hiking. I love to learn new things and to be active!

… and I work out because:

Exercising gives me the opportunity to reach my goals. It makes me feel great, and I love finding new ways of training that makes me a better indoor skydiver.

My best life hack is:

Trying to have a positive mind-set in everything I do, it makes life so much nicer.

I feel the most confident when:

Confidence comes from within; when I feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside automatically.

My favorite KT-hashtag and what it means to me:

#DareToPlay! To me, its´s a great reminder of daring more, daring to challenge oneself and to take chances. I always try to keep that hashtag in my mind whenever I feel insecure about something. <3