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Why We Love TENCEL™ Modal Fibers

The secret behind the extreme softness of our Feel Free baselayers, lies in nature’s own super-material: wood pulp. The main reason we love it so much, is because of how it is produced. Making clothes is never a fully pollution-free business, but fabrics made of TENCEL™ Modal fibers leaves far less of a footprint – and is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there. Here’s how it works:

From sustainably managed forests, pulp from beech wood is turned into fibers at the Lenzing company in Austria.

Tencel Modal FibersFrom Wood Pulp to Baselayer.

The production process of TENCEL™ Modal uses renewable energy from the pulp mill and recovers the remaining materials as co-products – so nothing goes to waste!

Lower Environmental Impact

In the pulp-to-fiber process, Lenzing uses Eco Soft technology – which is a chlorine-free, oxygen-based bleaching. TENCEL™ Modal fibers produced by Eco Color technology, have a lower environmental impact compared with conventionally dyed fabrics, which results in:

* 60% less water
* 50% less energy
* 60% less emission

All TENCEL™ Modal fibers are biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, and can therefore fully revert back to nature.

Iselin Næss | kari traa

What qualities does it give?

The super soft material resulting from this process is probably the first thing you will appreciate when putting on a Feel Free baselayer. The smooth surface on the TENCEL™ fibers makes it a lot softer than any other fabric out there.

There is however more to this fabric than softness: TENCEL™ Modal fibers provide a lot of great benefits for sports. They naturally transport moisture, which makes the products comfortable to wear even when you sweat. It’s ability to absorb moisture makes the fibers tension-free with no electrostatic charging. Because of the fiber´s sleek cross section, TENCEL™ Modal fibers enhance the soft touch of the fabric, even after repeated washing and has a long-lasting quality.

To dive deeper into this, check out more info from Lenzing.

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