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KARI TRAA has taken the Plastic Pledge

This past spring, Green Point Norway launched its Plastic Pledge with the goal of reducing the consumption of plastic by Norwegian companies as well as creating a more circular economy. The companies involved are committed to increase the use of recycled plastics, avoiding unnecessary use of plastics and designing with recycling in mind. Kari Traa has taken the Plastic Pledge and is already creating more environmentally friendly packaging as well as reducing the use of plastics across all areas of the business.

We had a chat with our founder Kari, to hear more.


– Kari Traa, why do you think it is important for your company to take the Plastic Pledge?

"As a fast-growing international brand, we can help provide influence in the right direction. The use of unnecessary plastics has been high on our agenda in recent years and is something that everyone in the company is passionate about reducing. We want to contribute to significantly less plastic in all packaging – and are already well on our way to doing it. Therefore, it was quite natural for us to take the Plastic Pledge. We hope to help set a standard that others can follow!"  

– Why is plastic material important to your business?

"Traditionally, plastics have been important to anyone who manufactures and ships products in the textile industry. Plastic protects the products well, is durable and is available in so many different varieties that it is easy to adapt to different products. In addition, the production of plastic produces less greenhouse gas emissions than paper and cardboard. However, due to the negative environmental consequences of plastic, we want to introduce recycled plastic where possible, or other good alternatives where there is a more environmentally friendly solution. We are also working on changing our product packaging; both to make it smaller and to move away from plastic. The new packaging will be launched in 2020 and is something that we are very much looking forward to showcasing!"  

Why is it important for Norwegian companies to cooperate on plastic initiatives?

"To reduce plastic consumption, we are dependent on everyone contributing. There is no use in keeping innovations hidden and reserved for our own business. We live on the same planet and must work together to make it better. Through the Plastic Pledge, new knowledge and creative solutions to sustainability will be shared and made available, so that we can all improve. It is the sum of everyone's efforts that can really make a difference!"  

– In what way is circular economy profitable?

"With the increased media attention around littering and waste management, we fortunately see that Kari Traa girls have also become very concerned with the challenges surrounding plastic. I think our target group belongs to a generation that is particularly interested in environmental issues and that efforts in this area will also turn out commercially positive. I believe it will pay off to be environmentally friendly in the long run, both for businesses and the planet!"  

– What do you think is needed for more Norwegian companies to get involved with environmental initiatives?

"More knowledge. Knowledge of environmental impact throughout the product chain will make it easier for Norwegian companies to see that with relatively simple measures, they can save the environment from unnecessary strain - without damaging the company's finances. We need good examples and companies that choose to go new ways in order to pave the way for others."  

– What do you think about Green Point Norway taking the initiative with the Plastic Pledge?

"The Plastic Pledge is a great initiative from Green Point Norway and will shed light on all the good projects already being done by business owners. Shared knowledge can inspire others and increase the collective level of knowledge. Then, the environmentally friendly solutions will be able to make a difference much faster!"