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Measure Nothing.
Just Play.

Remember the good ‘ole days of playing outside just for fun? Days where you forget about time and PRs, or logging achievements into an app. We’d get home sweaty and full of endorphins, feeling fulfilled and satisfied from the day’s activities.

Just Play | kari traa

Today, apps and technical gadgets that measure our performance at any given time have become a natural part of our lives. For many, these devices provide motivation and accountability. For others, they can cause stress and take away the joys and relaxation of playing outside.

So, what if we take away these pressures all together, and #JustPlay?

Just Play | kari traa

Let’s get back to the nostalgic meaning of play, reigniting our inner child. Don’t track your mileage, your time, your speed. Count flowers, not calories.

Are you in? Let's inspire each other! Share how you play on Instagram with #JustPlay to be featured.

Get Ready To Play!

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